Fistula "Fistula" LP (col)

Fistula "Fistula" LP (col)

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Limited edition in 200 copies in Transparent yellow vinyl with black splatter. Comes with download code.
This is the 10th Fistula's studio album

Recorded at Black Mold Studios.
released April 7, 2023

Fistula are:
Bass: Buddy Peel
Drums: Robert Williams
Guitars: Bahb Branca and Corey Bing
Vocals : Shane Post

Lead Guitar on Altamont Diaries: Siki Spacek
Narrator on Altamont Diaries: Robert Williams

Artwork by: Scott Stears aka Wizzardfool
Poster graphics and design by: Tony MELTED

Release by Teschio Dischi TD017