GONE TO WASTE "Barking Dogs..." LP (green)

GONE TO WASTE "Barking Dogs..." LP (green)

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not much left to say here.... when GTW quitted the band, an era of the german hardcore scene ended. good memories only here on my end. high energy live shows, killer album, nicest people, wild crowds all the time: you cant ask for more.

BARKING DOGS... was released in 2014 and this is the 2016 repress on green vinyl.


pressing info:
1st press
10 tests (black vinyl/white label)
100 pre-order edition (black vinyl/special covers handnumbered)
100 rec-release edition (white vinyl/special covers handnumbered)
200 regular white/orange swirl (with orange sticker)
300 regular white/violett swirl (with pink sticker)

2nd press
150 pink
350 green (THIS)


Here is the FINAL SHOW video. What a killer evening this was!