Turmoil "The Process Of" LP (turquoise 120)

Turmoil "The Process Of" LP (turquoise 120)

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It's getting loud in the early 90s Philadelphia suburbs, when some bored kids conspire to join the Eastcoast-Hardcore genre. TURMOIL's anger-driven, energetic music barely gives a chance to take a breather, became a trademark and put the band on the big stage. In their short period of existence they managed to release one EP and two studio albums. 


In 1999 TURMOIL released their 2nd album "The Process Of" via Kingfisher. Its still treaded as a kinda underground tip... once you've played it you will defo keep it in your record collection. Given the fact that it was written in 1998/1999 you will wonder how late 2000's it sounds. One of the metalcore classics in my eyes. Way ahead of its time.

We bring back this gem on different and strictly limited editions.


pressing info:

170 x solid white

120 x transparent turquoise

100 x transparent red

20 x solid pink

20 x transparent yellow

12 x test press gold

8 x test press red