Kavrila "Rituals I" EP clear 200

Kavrila "Rituals I" EP clear 200

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- Limited to 300 copies
- Including 14min exclusive bonus track "Drone In Minor Sadness" on the B-Side
(only available on this format)
- Milky Clear Vinyl


“These four songs radiate an energy so heavily that everything which comes their way will be destroyed.”
Visions Magazine Germany – Demo of the month

"The riffs are fast-paced, deadly and precise as Kavrila kick the living shit out of everything that comes into their way. "
Steve Howe - Outlawsofthesun

"Compressed uncompromisingness with effective power."
Metal Hammer Germany

"Crusher-Parts, proggy chopping, doom moments, Death ´n´ Roll-Edge...all with a remarkable energy level."
Rock Hard Germany

“It’s ethereal in ways that are completely soothing to a tormented spirit, and invigorating for all those who are hoping for something that doesn’t dive into the same tortured tropes of every hardcore band around today.” Puregrainaudio

„Rituals I“ creates fear. This band must stay in our ears.“

„Rituals I is a straight forward mixture of rancid Metal, Punk, Doom and Post Hardcore. An intensive and more than a decent debut.“

"The quartet combines the aggression of Swedish Death Metal with the inner strife of Sludge and match it with a healthy Punk attitude. Over all lies a powerful Doom-Roller."
Sludgeworm Magazine Germany

“This Demo is far away from the same old story and bribes with its conception. You should keep this band on your radar when you are a Metalhead or a Hardcorekid.”