Hard Strike "1000 Pieces" 12" (red)

Hard Strike "1000 Pieces" 12" (red)

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Pressing Info:

100 silver (Coretex Exclusive)
100 gelb (US Distro/REVELATION)
150 white black marbled (Euro Distro)
150 rot (Band/Label version)



Martin Schulz (Arsen, Blank, Null Art)

Dan Africa (Punch, I Recover))

Markus Münch (Baffdecks, Bone Idles)

Maurice Müller (Greh, Bone Idles)

Ken Olden (Shelter, Battery, Damnation a.d. ....)


Mastering by Brian McTernan!


"After we released our 7" the conflict in February 2020 and the full force of the pandemic changed our lives. We thought that after the incredible response, love and encouragement we received for our music, we should write a few more songs and see what happens. Like the pandemic, the songwriting has taken a little more time than we originally thought. Distance, daily life, jobs. Family and health sometimes throw a spanner in the works.
Patience paid off, so that we started recording our ideas at the end of 2021 and finally everything was recorded in June 2022. This resulted in 6 new Hard Strike songs that we are all very proud of. We think we managed to combine the energy of our old songs with new elements to give our sound its own vibe without forgetting our roots."