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Monuments - The Amanuensis LP

Gab De La Vega - Beyon Space And Time LP

Slapshot - Tear it Down EP

Slapshot - Step On It LP

Slapshot - Unconciousness LP

Arsen - Arsen LP

Mid City - Old Habits 7"

Frank Turner - No Man's Land LP (col)

Marathonmann - Die Angst Sitzt Neben Dir LP (col)

Gutschein 60-für-50 für Mo's Karlsruhe

Iron & Stone - You Can't Stop What's Coming

Maroon - When Worlds Collide LP

Leeway - Born To Expire LP

Leeway - Desperate Measures LP

Madball - Infiltrate The System LP

Shelter - Eternal LP

Don't Sleep - Don't Sleep mLP

Winds Of Promise - Winds Of Promise LP

Safe - Power Of Bliss LP

Tuning - Hanging Thread LP

Terror - One With The Underdogs LP

Terror - Always The Hard Way LP

Sheer Terror - Standing Up For Falling Down LP

Fury - Failed Entertainment LP