MONUMENTS "The Amanuensis" LP back on vinyl!


Londons very own Djent/Modern Metal band MONUMENTS was founded in 2009. Quickly they made it to a record deal with Century Media and put out an awesome debut album in 2012. After line-up changes "The Amanuesis" dropped in 2014. It was the bands 2nd full length album and the first one with former PERIPHERY member Christopher Barretto on the mic. Lyrics inspired by David Mitchells book "Cloud Atlas" and an incredible level of technique, gambling around with Metalcore, Djent and Modern Metal, marks the bands position as top-notch act! Touring the world continuously, the band has a huge fellowship around the planet. 

We signed a licensing deal with Century Media for a 500 copies vinyl repressing of "The Amanuensis". The prices for the original pressings went crazy and the market is e-m-p-t-y! Time to fill the gap, your chance to snatch a copy of this gem.

500 copies in total. 100 x milky clear. 400 x magenta w/ black marble effect. Street date is 18. April 2020.

Pre-sale is up now.  Purchase here

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